Barrett, Coffman, Thomas, Howard, and Hounshell, Jr. Bag Wins at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (July 25, 2014) Ponderosa Speedway would return to action on Friday evening and Jason Barrett of Waco, KY would take the win in the Super Late Model main event, while Todd Coffman of Junction City, KY would score the victory in the Pro Late Model feature contest.  Ryan Thomas of Gosport, IN would win both the regularly scheduled and make-up features for the Modified division, while Jeremy Howard of Berea, KY would take the Sportsman feature, with Glen Hounshell, Jr. picking up the win in the Sportsman make-up feature.

Justin Rattliff would lead the first 11 laps of the Super Late Model main event, but he would be the cause of a caution flag on lap 12 when his mount suffered a flat right-rear tire, which his crew would change and he would restart the event.  This turn of events would give Jason Barrett the race lead and the second-generation racer would drive to his first-ever win at Ponderosa Speedway in the 25 lap Super Late Model main event aboard his Wild Cody’s Gun and Ammo/Green Back Tax and Accounting/Baber’s Towing/Richmond Pawn/Appalachian Valuation Services/CJB Race Car Bodies and Graphics sponsored #B5 Revelution Race Car, powered by a Dale Meers Race Engine.  Tim Tungate would finish in second, while David Webb would come home third.  Tripp Gerrald would take the fourth spot, with Jeff Watson completing the top five.  Thirteen entries would see Rattliff be top qualifier at 14.000 seconds and also win a heat, while Dion Benningfield would score the other heat victory.

Todd Coffman would lead all 20 circuits of the Pro Late Model feature event as the current division points leader would park the Sharon Coffman owned Coffman’s Photography/The Muffler Shop/Premier Self Storage/Auto Connection/Archie’s Tire/Todd’s Body Shop/Wilson Equipment/Harrod Farms sponsored #35 Rocket Chassis, GM604 powered mount in victory lane.  Chase McWhorter would take runner-up honors, while Gary Yeager would finish in the third spot.  Elliott Despain and A.J. Reams would complete the top five.  Ten entries would see Coffman be top qualifier at 14.770 seconds and win a heat, while McWhorter won the other heat.

Ryan Thomas would show the way in the Modified main event and hold of the charges off Jimmy Payne in the final two laps to score the victory aboard the Kerry Trowbridge owned Automotive Specialists/Johnson Heating and Air/Tri-County Auto and Oil/Brunner and Son Lawn and Maintenance/Dexter’s Gun and Ammo/Pro Crafters sponsored #16 Diamond Race Car powered by a Pro Power Race Engine.  Payne would finish in the second position, while Elliott Despain would score a third place finish.  Michael England and Benji Lee would round out the top five.  Twenty-nine entries would see Thomas as top qualifier at 15.310 seconds, with heat race victories going to Thomas, Despain, Lee, and Payne, while Keith Decker won the B-Main.

Ryan Thomas would also win the Modified make-up feature event that was rained out back on June 27.  Jimmy Payne would again finish second in that event as well, while Benji Lee, J.T. Ayers, and Cameron Marlar would complete the top five.

Jeremy Howard would take the lead from Derek Bottoms on lap 4 of the Sportsman feature event and proceed to drive to victory lane in the event behind the wheel of his Terry Rice Race Engines/Howard Chassis/Xtreme Style Signs and Graphics sponsored #310 machine.  David Freeman would finish second, while Glen Hounshell, Jr. would recover from an earlier event spin to finish third.  Goble Bertram and Glen Branham would round out the top five.  Twenty entries would see Hounshell, Jr. as top qualifier at 16.400 seconds, with heat race victories going to Derek Bottoms, Howard, and Russ Gabbert.

Hounshell, Jr. would drive to the win in the Sportsman make-up feature event in the seat of his CKSM/Smokehouse Grill/Nationwide Insurance/Jennings Do-It-Best Center/Central Scrap/B&B Homes/R&R Builders sponsored #20 entry.  Eddie Stewart would take second, with Nathaniel Mullins third.  Darrell Cain and Terry Cheeks would complete the top five.

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, Kentucky-July 25, 2014

SUPER LATE MODELS (13 entries)
Top Qualifier- Justin Rattliff 14.000
1st Heat- Justin Rattliff, Jason Barrett, Tim Tungate, Tripp Gerrald, Clarence Belcher, Timmy Taylor, J.L. Muse
2nd Heat- Dion Benningfield, Timmy Yeager, David Webb, Jeff Watson, Jake Henry, Richard Musick
Feature- Jason Barrett, Tim Tungate, David Webb, Tripp Gerrald, Jeff Watson, Justin Rattliff, Dion Benningfield, Clarence Belcher, Jake Henry, Timmy Taylor, Richard Musick, J.L. Muse (DNS- Timmy Yeager)

PRO LATE MODELS (10 entries)
Top Qualifier- Todd Coffman 14.770
1st Heat- Todd Coffman, Elliott Despain, Jeremy Strunk, Wesley Brummett, Gary Noplis
2nd Heat- Chase McWhorter, Gary Yeager, A.J. Reams, David Hill, Chris Fair
Feature- Todd Coffman, Chase McWhorter, Gary Yeager, Elliott Despain, A.J. Reams, Wesley Brummett, David Hill, Jeremy Strunk, Chris Fair, Gary Noplis

MODIFIEDS (29 entries)
Top Qualifier- Ryan Thomas 15.310
1st Heat- Ryan Thomas, Victor Lee, Cameron Marlar, Chad Scott, Greg Coulton, Jerry Pyles (DNS- Stacey Decker, Jeff Rawlings)
2nd Heat- Elliott Despain, J.T. Ayers, Mikah Reams, Steven Eversole, Keith Decker, Eli Meredith, Billy Meredith
3rd Heat- Benji Lee, Billy Workman, Jr., Logan Whitis, Slater Blickensderfer, Aaron Cox, Blake Brown, Jared Reams
4th Heat- Jimmy Payne, Michael England, Rocky Wilson, Kevin Nesselhauf, Kenny Reams, Mike Petrey, Tim Potts
B-Main- Keith Decker, Blake Brown, Kenny Reams, Mike Petrey, Stacey Decker, Jared Reams, Greg Coulton, Tim Potts, Aaron Cox (DNS- Jerry Pyles, Eli Meredith, Billy Meredith, Jeff Rawlings)
Feature- Ryan Thomas, Jimmy Payne, Elliott Despain, Michael England, Benji Lee, Victor Lee, J.T. Ayers, Cameron Marlar, Billy Workman, Jr., Rocky Wilson, Mikah Reams, Slater Blickensderfer, Blake Brown, Kenny Reams, Chad Scott, Mike Petrey, Keith Decker, Steven Eversole, Logan Whitis, Kevin Nesselhauf
Make-Up Feature from June 27- Ryan Thomas, Jimmy Payne, Benji Lee, J.T. Ayers, Cameron Marlar, Blake Brown, Mikah Reams, Elliott Despain, Rocky Wilson, Kevin Nesselhauf, Steven Eversole, Mike Petrey, Keith Decker, Greg Coulton, Kenny Reams, Tim Potts, Stacey Decker (DNS- Keith Smith, Jeff Rawlings)

SPORTSMAN (20 entries)
Top Qualifier- Glen Hounshell, Jr. 16.400
1st Heat- Derek Bottoms, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Rick King, Donnie Sullivan, Terry Cheeks, Glen Hounshell, Sr. (DNS- Eddie Stewart)
2nd Heat- Jeremy Howard, Gary Thompson, David Freeman, Darrell Cain, Johnny King, Steven Walters (DNS- Phermon Stewart)
3rd Heat- Russ Gabbert, Nathaniel Mullins, Goble Bertram, Sarah Patrick, Glen Branham, Michael Wedding
Feature- Jeremy Howard, David Freeman, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Goble Bertram, Glen Branham, Steven Walters, Terry Cheeks, Johnny King, Russ Gabbert, Michael Wedding, Darrell Cain, Sarah Patrick, Derek Bottoms, Glen Hounshell, Sr., Rick King, Gary Thompson, Nathaniel Mullins, Donnie Sullivan (DNS- Eddie Stewart, Phermon Stewart)
Make-Up Feature from June 27- Glen Hounshell, Jr., Eddie Stewart, Nathaniel Mullins, Darrell Cain, Terry Cheeks, Johnny King, Sarah Patrick, Glen Branham, Phermon Stewart (DNS- Paul Hendrix)