Dustin Linville Victorious in 14th Annual Hugh “Junebug” Rowland Memorial at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (August 1, 2014) Ponderosa Speedway presented the 14th edition of the Hugh “Junebug” Rowland Memorial on Friday evening and Dustin Linville of Lancaster, KY would become the fourth driver to become a multi-time winner of the “Junebug” by scoring a $3,000 payday on Friday evening.  Michael England of Glasgow, KY would take the $1,500 to win Modified main event, with P.J. Feistritzer of Danville, KY taking the $800 to win Pro Late Model feature, while Allen Hackworth, Jr. of Waco, KY would take the $600 to win Sportsman feature. (Tim Coontz Photo)

Michael Chilton would take the lead at the start of the 35 lap Super Late Model main event, but would only lead two circuits before engine woes would see him slow on the track in turn four to draw the yellow flag.  Skylar Marlar would now be the race leader, with Victor Lee and Dustin Linville giving chase.  The race would remain green as the leaders began working slower traffic by lap 15.  Action continued to roll along as Lee would close in on Marlar on lap 25, bringing Linville along as well.  Linville would find a spot beneath Lee and take the second spot on lap 27 and set his sights on race leader Marlar.  The pair would be in a dead at the finish line on lap 29, with Linville finally taking the top spot on lap 30 exiting turn four.  Lee would get by Marlar as well one circuit later, with disaster striking Marlar on lap 33 as he would tangle with a slower car and the caution would wave to set up a two lap shootout.  Linville would keep Lee at bay and drive on to the victory aboard the Terry Linville owned Johnny Maco Electric/Mulligan Plumbing/Graphic Impressions/4B Motorsports/Pinetop Motors/Paul Benton Auto Body/Travis Short Racing/Crane Time/Turbo Start/Cookie Monster Power Plants/Linville’s Finish Carpentry/Linville Construction/Bruce and Vicki Barnes/Schaeffer Oil sponsored #D8 Swartz Race Car sporting a Bullock Race Engine.  Lee would finish second, while Justin Rattliff, Tim Tungate, and Brad Neat completed the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Tripp Gerrald, Jason Barrett, Gary Christian, Brian Smith, and David Webb.  Nineteen entries would see Linville as top qualifier at 13.490 seconds, while heat race wins went to Marlar, Chilton, and Lee.

Michael England and Nick Hoffman would have an entertaining battle for the top spot over the final ten laps of the Modified main event, with the duo racing side-by-side at various points on the racing surface, but England would be the man to come out on top and prevail in the contest, taking the checkered flag first behind the wheel of the Kerry Trowbridge owned Automotive Specialists/Johnson Heating and Air/Tri-County Auto and Oil/Brunner and Son Lawn Maintenance/Pro Crafters/Dexter’s Gun and Ammo/KY Clutch/Renegade Race Fuels sponsored #116 Lightning Chassis, Pro Power Race Engines powered mount.  Hoffman would take runner-up honors in his first-ever appearance at the track, with J.T. Ayers, Bryan Barber, and Shon Flanary rounding out the top five.  Completing the top ten were Jimmy Payne, Benji Lee, Max McLaughlin, Jeff Watson, and Elliott Despain.  Twenty-three entries saw Ayers as top qualifier at 14.820 seconds, while heat race victories fell to Ayers, England, and Payne.

P.J. Feistritzer and Elliott Despain would battle throughout a caution-plagued Pro Late Model main event, but when the checkered flag fell on the event, Feistritzer would see it first and grab his first win of the season at the track in the seat of his Big Daddy’s Race for Time/Self Service Storage/Wayne Bowen Racing Supply sponsored #88 C.J. Rayburn Race Car, GM604 powered entry.  Despain would settle for second, with Chase McWhorter, Adam Bowman, and Zane Powell the remainder of the top five.  Rounding out the top ten would be David Willoughby, Gary Yeager, Conner Meade, Geraid Gault, and Chris Fair.  Sixteen entries would see Bowman as top qualifier at 14.260 seconds, with heat race wins being scored by Despain and Feistritzer.

Jamey Adams would lead the first 16 laps of the Sportsman main event, only be hung up by lap car on lap 17, allowing Allen Hackworth, Jr. to use the slower car for a pick and take the race lead coming to the flagstand and Hackworth, Jr. would hold off the challenges of Adams to pick up the victory aboard his Hackworth’s Garage/Willis Fencing/Jones Garage/CSI Heating and Air sponsored #33 machine.  Adams would claim second, while Eddie Stewart, Russ Gabbert, and Jeremy Howard would complete the top five.  The rest of the top ten would be Derek Bottoms, Glen Hounshell, Jr., David Freeman, Gary Thompson, and Terry Cheeks.  Seventeen entries would see Adams as top qualifier at 15.950 seconds, with heat race wins going to Adams and Hackworth, Jr.

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, Kentucky-August 1, 2014

SUPER LATE MODELS (19 entries)
Top Qualifier- Dustin Linville 13.490
1st Heat- Skylar Marlar, Dustin Linville, Dustin Neat, Gary Christian, Jake Henry, Daniel Dial, J.L. Muse
2nd Heat- Michael Chilton, Justin Rattliff, Tim Tungate, Jason Barrett, Timmy Taylor, Tripp Gerrald
3rd Heat- Victor Lee, Brad Neat, David Webb, Brian Smith, Dion Benningfield, Magen Witt
14th Annual Hugh “Junebug” Rowland Memorial- Dustin Linville, Victor Lee, Justin Rattliff, Tim Tungate, Brad Neat, Tripp Gerrald, Jason Barrett, Gary Christian, Brian Smith, David Webb, Jake Henry, Dustin Neat, Timmy Taylor, Magen Witt, Skylar Marlar, Daniel Dial, Dion Benningfield, J.L. Muse, Michael Chilton

MODIFIEDS (23 entries)
Top Qualifier- J.T. Ayers 14.820
1st Heat- J.T. Ayers, Shon Flanary, Kevin Nesselhauf, Jerry Pyles, Max McLaughlin, Steve Eversole, Ryan Thomas, Gary Parks
2nd Heat- Michael England, Nick Hoffman, Benji Lee, Rocky Wilson, Dion Benningfield, Mikah Reams, Cy Cundiff, Stacey Decker
3rd Heat- Jimmy Payne, Bryan Barber, Jeff Watson, Blake Brown, Jared Reams, Russ Gabbert, Elliott Despain
Feature- Michael England, Nick Hoffman, J.T. Ayers, Bryan Barber, Shon Flanary, Jimmy Payne, Benji Lee, Max McLaughlin, Jeff Watson, Elliott Despain, Kevin Nesselhauf, Jerry Pyles, Dion Benningfield, Mikah Reams, Rocky Wilson, Steven Eversole, Blake Brown, Stacey Decker, Jared Reams, Gary Parks, Cy Cundiff, Ryan Thomas (DNS- Russ Gabbert)

PRO LATE MODELS (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Adam Bowman 14.260
1st Heat- Elliott Despain, Chase McWhorter, Adam Bowman, Zane Powell, David Willoughby, Conner Meade, Gary Yeager, A.J. Reams
2nd Heat- P.J. Feistritzer, Todd Coffman, Buzz Williams, Eric Centers, Chris Fair, Geraid Gault, David Hill (DNS- Jeremy Strunk)
Feature- P.J. Feistrizer, Elliott Despain, Chase McWhorter, Adam Bowman, Zane Powell, David Willoughby, Gary Yeager, Conner Meade, Geraid Gault, Chris Fair, Todd Coffman, Jeremy Strunk, David Hill, Eric Centers, Buzz Williams (DNS- A.J. Reams)

SPORTSMAN (17 entries)
Top Qualifier- Jamey Adams 15.950
1st Heat- Jamey Adams, Derek Bottoms, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Jeremy Howard, Gary Thompson, Sarah Patrick, Ricky Epperson, Darrell Cain, Johnny King
2nd Heat- Allen Hackworth, Jr., Eddie Stewart, Russ Gabbert, David Freeman, Rick King, Glen Branham, Terry Cheeks, Jimmy Moore
Feature- Allen Hackworth, Jr., Jamey Adams, Eddie Stewart, Russ Gabbert, Jeremy Howard, Derek Bottoms, Glen Hounshell, Jr., David Freeman, Gary Thompson, Terry Cheeks, Johnny King, Rick King, Sarah Patrick, Glen Branham, Ricky Epperson (DNS- Jimmy Moore, Darrell Cain)