Dustin Linville Dominates 18th Annual Pete Abell Memorial at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (July 25, 2015) The 18th Annual Pete Abell Memorial would be presented on a special Saturday evening of racing competition at Ponderosa Speedway and Dustin Linville of Bryantsville, KY would score the $3,000 payday in capturing the event win for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Super Late Models.  Other feature winners included Victor Lee of Danville, KY in Sweet Beans and Things Modifieds (worth $1,000), Zane Powell of Junction City, KY in Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Models, and Thomas Scenters of Berea, KY in Four Cylinders.

Dustin Linville would take the lead immediately at the start of the 18th Annual Pete Abell Memorial event for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Super Late Models, with Justin Rattliff, Michael Chilton, Skylar Marlar, and Brandon Kinzer giving chase.  Linville would pull away and start working slower traffic by lap 7, but caution would slow the action one lap later when Ernie Cordier and Jerry Rutherford tangled on the backchute.  The restart would only see more circuit completed before J.L. Muse and Mike Petrey would tangle in turn four.  The final restart of the race would see Linville set a torrid pace out front and never be challenged, lapping up to the sixth place finisher and taking the checkered flag first in the seat of the  Terry Linville owned Johnny Maco Electric/Paul Benton Auto Body/Linville’s Finish Carpentry/Graphic Impressions/G&J Bottling/Red’s Auto and Tire/Cookie Monster Power Plants/M&D Electric/Pine Top Motors/M&K Car Care/Bluegrass Radiator sponsored #D8 Swartz Race Car, powered by a Bullock Race Engine.  Chilton would make a last lap turn four slidejob pass of Rattliff to take runner-up honors, with Rattliff finishing third, while Marlar would drive to the outside of Kinzer after they traded the four spot on two occasion to claim fourth at the line, with Kinzer settling for fifth.  The remainder of the top ten would be Mike Strunk, Tommy Bailey, Donnie Everman, Donnie Sullivan, and Ernie Cordier.  Eighteen entries would see Rattliff as top qualifier at 13.668 seconds, while heat race wins went to Rattliff, Linville, and Chilton.

Jeff Watson would lead the first 20 laps of the 25 lap Sweet Beans and Things Modified main event before Victor Lee would chase him down and the pair would battle door-to-door before Lee would take the lead on lap 21.  Ninth starting J.T. Ayers would charge his way toward the front and would take the second spot away from Watson on lap 22, but Lee would keep the hard charging Ayers at bay to pick up the victory in the Kerry Trowbridge owned Automotive Specialties/Brunner and Son Lawn Maintenance/Dexter’s Gun and Ammo/Tri County Auto and Oil sponsored #6 Diamond Race Car, Pro Power Race Engines powered mount.  Ayers would ride home in second, while Watson would settle for the third position.  Billy Workman, Jr. and Blake Brown would round out the top five.  Completing the top ten would be Slater McCray, Russ Gabbert, Brandon Reed, Shawn Hibbard, and Steven Eversole.  Thirteen entries would see Ayers as top qualifier at 15.231 seconds, while heat race victories went to Watson and Workman, Jr.

Zane Powell would be challenged throughout the 20 lap Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Model main event by Hudson O’Neal and Todd Coffman at various stages of the race, with O’Neal briefly taking the lead on lap 12 of the event with a turn four slidejob pass, only to have Powell retake the race lead at the finish line.  Powell would score his first victory of the season aboard the Buford Powell owned Buford Powell Farm Gates/Tarter Gate/Joe Breck Recycling/Shorty’s Motorsports/Hoosier Tire South sponsored #28P MasterSbilt Race Car, GM604 powered unit.  O’Neal would finish in second, with Coffman claiming the final podium finishing position.  Chad Spradlin and Brian Royalty would complete the top five.  Rounding out the top ten would be Tyler Allen, Chris Fair, Chris Ruble, Greg Coulton, and Keith Denny.  Thirteen entries would see O’Neal as top qualifier at 14.429 seconds, with O’Neal and Powell claiming heat race wins. 

Freddy Breeden would lead the opening circuits of the Four Cylinder main event before eventual winner Thomas Scenters would make the winning pass on lap 5 to pick up his first win of the season in the Justin Johnson owned E.T. Auto Sales/J&T Repair sponsored #44 Ford Mustang entry.  Breeden would finish second, with James Burton, Keith Gipson, and Stacy Harrison completing the top five.  Scenters would also win the heat race as well.

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-July 25, 2015

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Super Late Models (18 entries) Top Qualifier- Justin Rattliff 13.668 1st Heat- Justin Rattliff, Skylar Marlar, Tommy Bailey, Dennis Barton, Ernie Cordier (DNS- BoJack Couch) 2nd Heat- Dustin Linville, Brandon Kinzer, Jerry Rutherford, Timmy Taylor, Mike Petrey, Lee Branscum 3rd Heat- Michael Chilton, Mike Strunk, Donnie Everman, Donnie Sullivan, J.L. Muse, (DNS- Rod Carter, Jr.) 18th Annual Pete Abell Memorial- Dustin Linville, Michael Chilton, Justin Rattliff, Skylar Marlar, Brandon Kinzer, Mike Strunk, Tommy Bailey, Donnie Everman, Donnie Sullivan, Ernie Cordier, Mike Petrey, Jerry Rutherford, J.L. Muse, Timmy Taylor, Dennis Barton (DNS- BoJack Couch, Lee Branscum, Rod Carter, Jr.) 

Sweet Beans and Things Modifieds (13 entries) Top Qualifier- J.T. Ayers 15.231 1st Heat- Jeff Watson, Blake Brown, Shawn Hibbard, Slater McCray, J.T. Ayers, Jared Reams, Tim Patrick 2nd Heat- Billy Workman, Jr., Victor Lee, Steven Eversole, Brandon Reed, Russ Gabbert, Joseph Husband
Feature- Victor Lee, J.T. Ayers, Jeff Watson, Billy Workman, Jr., Blake Brown, Slater McCray, Russ Gabbert, Brandon Reed, Shawn Hibbard, Steven Eversole, Tim Patrick, Joseph Husband, Jared Reams

Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Models (13 entries) Top Qualifier- Hudson O’Neal 14.429 1st Heat- Hudson O’Neal, Tyler Allen, Chris Fair, Brian Royalty, Chad Spradlin, Chris Ruble, Clayton Spradlin 2nd Heat- Zane Powell, Todd Coffman, Jeremy Strunk, Darrell Gaddis, Keith Denny, Greg Coulton
Feature- Zane Powell, Hudson O’Neal, Todd Coffman, Chad Spradlin, Brian Royalty, Tyler Allen, Chris Fair, Chris Ruble, Greg Coulton, Keith Denny, Clayton Spradlin, Jeremy Strunk, Darrell Gaddis

Four Cylinders (7 entries)
Heat- Thomas Scenters, Freddy Breeden, Derek Thornsburg, Stacy Harrison, Keith Gipson, Dylan Stevens (DNS- James Burton)
Feature- Thomas Scenters, Freddy Breeden, James Burton, Keith Gipson, Stacy Harrison, Derek Thornsburg (DNS- Dylan Stevens)