Chris Madden Captures $25,000 to win Ponderosa Speedway Fall Classic
Junction City, KY (October 10, 2015) Ponderosa Speedway would present the 25th Annual Fall Classic sanctioned by the Southern Nationals Bonus Series and Chris Madden of Gray Court, SC would make his visit to the track a good one as he would capture the 100 lap main event and winn $25,000.  Other feature winners included Matt Cooper of McKenzie, TN in the $5,000 to win Sweet Beans and Things Modified main event, Matt Henderson of Loudon, TN in the $2,500 to win Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Model feature contest, Eddie Stewart of Manchester, KY in the $2,000 to win American Dirt Allstars KDRA Super Stocks Bobby Carrier, Sr. Memorial, and Jeff Hutchinson of Morehead, KY in the $500 to win Four Cylinder main event. 

Scott Bloomquist and Chris Madden would bring the 22 car starting field to the green flag and Madden would take the initial race lead, with Bloomquist, Jason Jameson, Michael Chilton, and Mike Marlar giving chase.  Madden and Bloomquist would quickly pull away, with Marlar going to the fourth spot before Ray Cook’s machine would lose a driveshaft on lap 11 to draw the caution.  Back underway, Madden and Bloomquist battled for the lead, while Jameson and Marlar would trade slidejobs in a battle for third before Jameson reclaimed the spot on lap 14.  Steve Casebolt would slow on the track with a flat tire to draw the caution on lap 22 to slow the pace.  Bloomquist would again challenge Madden on the restart, but by lap 30, Madden had pull away to a bit of a lead on Bloomquist as the leader began working slower traffic.  Meanwhile, Dustin Linville and Michael Chilton would battle for the fifth position for several circuits before Kent Robinson drew the caution on lap 50 with a flat right rear tire.  Madden and Bloomquist would again pull away from the field as Marlar would turn up the heat on Jameson for third as the leaders again began working traffic on lap 61.  Marlar would work past Jameson on lap 64 for the third spot as Jameson would begin to fade a bit, with Chilton and Linville also working past Jameson by lap 70.  As the lead duo work carefully in traffic, Marlar began the process of reeling in the second place machine of Bloomquist and looked poised to make a run for the second spot when Jameson would slow on lap 91 with a flat tire.  The restart would only see one more circuit completed as Justin Rattliff would slow in turn four with suspension damage.  The final laps would see Madden go unchallenged to the checkered flag aboard his Century Plastics/Crowder Trucking/Henderson Amusements/Cushman Paint and Body/Penske Shocks/VP Race Fuels/Hoosier Tire/All Star Performance sponsored #44 Longhorn Chassis sporting a Clements Race Engine.  Bloomquist would settle for second, with Marlar third, while Chilton and Linville completed the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Jimmy Owens, Eric Wells, Josh Rice, Greg Johnson, and Paul Wilmoth, Jr.  B-Mains would be captured by Casebolt and Wilmoth, Jr., while series provisional starters were David Payne and Jerry Rutherford.   

The Sweet Beans and Things Modified main event would see Matt Cooper lead the entire way to score the win in the highest paying Modified event in Ponderosa Speedway history.  Cooper would visit victory lane in his first-ever visit to the track in the seat of the Cooper Trucking/AFCO Racing Products/Mark Bush Racing sponsored #18 Bandit Race Car by MBR powered by a Mullins Race Engine.  Michael England would take runner-up honors, while teammate Victor Lee would finish in the final podium position in third.  Tenth starting Tyler Nicely would finish fourth, while Lucas Lee would finish in fifth.  Jimmy Payne, who ran second for better than half the race, would head up the second five at the finish, followed by Bryan Barber, Keith Smith, 17th starting Jeff Watson, and 15th starting J.T. Ayers.  Jim Robinson would win the B-Main, while Joseph Husband would be the track provisional starter.  

The Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Model main event would see Ray Cook settle into the race lead and hold until a restart on lap 12 as Matt Henderson would work under Cook and take the lead on lap 13.  Henderson would survive three more cautions to claim the win, also in his first-ever visit to the track, aboard the BruceBuilt Performance/Rebel Diesel Performance/Allstar Graphics/Ace Transmissions/Hommel Excavating/Hoosier Tire South sponsored #H2 Rocket by BruceBuilt, Eagle GM604 powered entry.  Cook would settle for second, while polesitter Brandon Williams would finish in the third position.  Rounding out the top five would be Connor Meade and Jeremy Hines.  Completing the top ten finishers would be Johnny Wheeler, Grant Garrison, John Gill, Tait Davenport, and Todd Coffman.  B-Mains were captured by Ronnie Cooper and Eric Centers, while Brian Walters was the track provisional starter. 

The American Dirt Allstars KDRA Super Stock Bobby Carrier, Sr. Memorial would see Eddie Stewart claim the win in dominant fashion over the course of the 30 lap contest and claim a special win behind the wheel of his Matthews Well Service/WeGo the Dog/Stewart Race Cars sponsored #119 mount.  Colby Taylor and Chad Boone would battle for second throughout much of the race, with Taylor taking second and Boone finishing third.  The remainder of the top five would be Bartley Grant and Phermon Stewart.  Completing the top ten would be Reggie Ritchie, Derek Bottoms, Robbie Perkins, Chad Barrett, and Allen Hackworth, Jr.  Bill Robinson would win the B-Main, while Darrell Cain would be the provisional starter for the event. 

Four Cylinders would be in action on Saturday evening as well and Jeff Hutchinson would take the lead from Shawn Yates on lap 3 and score the victory in the 15 lap contest driving the Eagle Finance/Lee’s Used Cars/Don’s Garage/NAPA/Poppy Mountain sponsored #7xm machine.  Yates would finish second, with Mike Gemmer finishing in third.  Thomas Scenters and Charles Burton completed the top five.  Rounding out the top ten would be Freddy Breeden, Jeremy Cantrell, Clint Cox, Brandon Creech, and Dylan Stephens.  Seventeen entries would see heat race wins go to Hutchinson and Yates.

SUMMARY- Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-October 9-10, 2015 (

Southern Nationals Bonus Series Super Late Models (38 entries) FK Rod Ends Top Qualifier- Mike Marlar 12.604 (new track record) 1st Heat (top 4 transfer)- Scott Bloomquist, Mike Marlar, Justin Rattliff, Ray Cook, Eddie Carrier, Jr., David Payne, Brandon Fouts, Johnny Wheeler, Donnie Sullivan 2nd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Chris Madden, Eric Wells, Jimmy Owens, Mason Zeigler, Steve Casebolt, Josh Hall, Skylar Marlar, Charlie Jude, Timmy Taylor 3rd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Jason Jameson, Dustin Linville, Josh Rice, Tommy Bailey, Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Wayne Chinn, Joe Janowski, Jeff Rawlings, Bo Eaton 4th Heat (top 4 transfer)- Michael Chilton, Greg Johnson, Kent Robinson, Cody Mahoney, Brandon Kinzer, Daniel Williams, Jason Wagner, Jerry Rutherford, Daniel Dial B-Main #1 (top 2 transfer)- Steve Casebolt, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brandon Fouts, David Payne, Donnie Sullivan, Charlie Jude, Johnny Wheeler, Skylar Marlar (DNS- Josh Hall, Timmy Taylor) B-Main #2 (top 2 transfer)- Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Brandon Kinzer, Wayne Chinn, Daniel Williams, Jeff Rawlings, Jerry Rutherford, Daniel Dial, Bo Eaton, Jason Wagner (DNS- Joe Janowski) Series Provisionals- David Payne, Jerry Rutherford 25th Annual Fall Classic- Chris Madden, Scott Bloomquist, Mike Marlar, Michael Chilton, Dustin Linville, Jimmy Owens, Eric Wells, Josh Rice, Greg Johnson, Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Tommy Bailey, Justin Rattliff, Jason Jameson, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Cody Mahoney, Kent Robinson, Mason Zeigler, Steve Casebolt, Brandon Kinzer, David Payne, Jerry Rutherford, Ray Cook

Sweet Beans and Things Modifieds (30 entries) Top Qualifier- Matt Cooper 14.136 (new track record) 1st Heat (top 6 transfer)- Matt Cooper, Victor Lee, Blake Brown, Tyler Nicely, J.T. Ayers, Cameron Marlar, Devin Gilpin, Tim Patrick, Jimmy Robinson, Bobby Lunsford 2nd Heat (top 6 tranfer)- Jimmy Payne, Keith Smith, David Webb, Dennis Roberson, Cody Smith, Shawn Hibbard, Kelly Riggs, Keith Denny, Joseph Husband (DNS- Cecil West) 3rd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Michael England, Lucas Lee, Preston Seratt, Bryan Barber, Jeff Watson, Kevin Nesselhauf, Peyton Harlow, Kris Williamson, Dustin Mosley, Brandon Rich B-Main (top 4 transfer)- Jimmy Robinson, Kelly Riggs, Tim Patrick Keith Denny, Joseph Husband, Kris Williamson, Dustin Mosley, Brandon Rice, Bobby Lunsford, Cecil West (DNS- Devin Gilpin, Peyton Harlow) Track Provisional- Joseph Husband A-Main Feature-  Matt Cooper, Michael England, Victor Lee, Tyler Nicely, Lucas Lee, Jimmy Payne, Bryan Barber, Keith Smith, Jeff Watson, J.T. Ayers, Preston Seratt, Blake Brown, David Webb, Dennis Roberson, Cameron Marlar, Cody Smith, Kevin Nesselhauf, Jimmy Robinson, Keith Denny, Kelly Riggs, Joseph Husband, Tim Patrick (DNS- Shawn Hibbard)

Premier Integrity Solutions Pro Late Models (32 entries) Top Qualifier- Brandon Williams 13.792 1st Heat (top 4 transfer)- Brandon Williams, Adam Bowman, Grant Garrison, Alan Magner, Jay Shell, Brad Rickels, Mike Bechelli, Wesley Brummett 2nd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Connor Meade, Joe Godsey, Elliott Despain, Jake Henry, Ronnie Cooper, John Gill, Brian Walters (DNS- Wesley Ball) 3rd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Ray Cook, Jeremy Hines, Todd Coffman, Johnny Wheeler, Eric Centers, Jeremy Howard, Jim Couch, Chad Spradlin 4th Heat (top 4 transfer)- Tait Davenport, Matt Henderson, Zane Powell, Josh Fields, Clayton Spradlin, Neal Neisler, Perry Barnhardt (DNS- Timmy Yeager) B-Main #1 (top 3 transfer)- Ronnie Cooper, John Gill, Mike Bechelli, Wesley Brummett, Wesley Ball, Brad Rickels, Jay Shell, Brian Walters B-Main #2 (top 3 transfer)- Eric Centers, Jeremy Howard, Perry Barnhardt, Neil Neisler, Chad Spradlin, Clayton Spradlin (DNS- Jim Couch, Timmy Yeager) Track Provisional- Brian Walters A-Main Feature- Matt Henderson, Ray Cook, Brandon Williams, Connor Meade, Jeremy Hines, Johnny Wheeler, Grant Garrison, John Gill, Tait Davenport, Todd Coffman, Jake Henry, Adam Bowman, Zane Powell, Alan Magner, Ronnie Cooper, Josh Fields, Joe Godsey, Eric Centers, Jeremy Howard, Elliott Despain, Brian Walters, Perry Barnhardt, Mike Bechelli 

American Dirt Allstars KDRA Super Stocks (29 entries) Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins 15.070 (new track record) 1st Heat (top 6 transfer)- Colby Taylor, Robby Perkins, Allen Hackworth, Jr., Phermon Stewart, Faron Robinson, Chad Barrett, Glen Branham, Wyatt Hebrock, Anthony Wiseman (DNS- Michael Lee) 2nd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Eddie Stewart, Chad Boone, Nathaniel Mullins, Kevin Greer, Reggie Ritchie, Sarah Patrick, Bill Robinson, Greg Hensley (DNS- Brandon Hutchinson) 3rd Heat (top 6 transfer)- Jamey Adams, Bartley Grant, Glen Hounshell, Jr., Terry Cheeks, Derek Bottoms, James Crowe, David Murphy, Darrell Cain, Jeff Johnson B-Main (top 4 transfer)- Bill Robinson, Jeff Johnson, David Murphy, Jason West, Darrell Cain, Glen Branham, Anthony Wiseman, Wyatt Hebrock (DNS- Brandon Hutchinson, Greg Hensley, Michael Lee)
Provisional- Darrell Cain
Bobby Carrier, Sr. Memorial- Eddie Stewart, Colby Taylor, Chad Boone, Bartley Grant, Phermon Stewart, Reggie Ritchie, Derek Bottoms, Robby Perkins, Chad Barrett, Allen Hackworth, Jr. Jamey Adams, Glen Hounshell, Jr., James Crowe, Faron Robinson, Darrell Cain, David Murphy, Jason West, Terry Cheeks, Sarah Patrick, Nathaniel Mullins, Kevin Greer, Bill Robinson, Jeff Johnson

Four Cylinders (17 entries)
1st Heat- Jeff Hutchinson, Thomas Scenters, Jeremy Cantrell, Freddy Breeden, Greg Hensley, Brandon Creech, Tyler Patterson, Jamison Gipson 2nd Heat- Shawn Yates, Mike Gemmer, Charles Burton, Dylan Stephens, Clint Cox, Timothy Osborne, Scott Hayes, Keith Gipson (DNS- Tyler Hayes)

Feature- Jeff Hutchinson, Shawn Yates, Mike Gemmer, Thomas Scenters, Charles Burton, Freddy Breeden, Jeremy Cantrell, Clint Cox, Brandon Creech, Dylan Stephens, Keith Gipson, Timothy Osborne, Scott Hayes, Tyler Patterson, Jamison Gipson (DNS- Greg Hensley, Tyler Hayes).