Chilton, Lee, Stewart, and Stevens Hit Paydirt at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (September 2, 2016) Ponderosa Speedway would return with a full racing program on Friday evening and feature event winners included in Michael Chilton of Salvisa, KY in Super Late Models, Victor Lee of Danville, KY in Pro Late Models and Modifieds, Eddie Stewart of Manchester, KY in KDRA Super Stocks, and Dylan Stevens of Morehead, KY in Stock Four Cylinders.

Michael Chilton and Justin Rattliff would battle in the early stages of the Super Late Model feature event before Chilton would seize control of the contest and drive away a bit from Rattliff after the midpoint of the race to grab the $1,500 top prize behind the wheel of the Caton Industrial Painting/Superior Drywall/Parkview Home Center/Chilton’s Lawn and Maintenance sponsored #97 Rocket Chassis, Bullock Race Engines powered machine.  Rattliff would take runner-up honors, while Brian Smith would finish third.  Donnie Sullivan and Jeff Rawlings would complete the top five.  Nine entries would see Chilton be top qualifier at 14.107 seconds and also win the heat.

Victor Lee would take control in the early stages of the Pro Late Model main event and drive to the $1,000 victory aboard the Gene and Danny Hatcher owned Hatcher’s Auto Sales/Hatcher’s Properties/M&L Inc./Tim Logan Racing sponsored #6 Bloomquist Race Car, GM604 powered mount.  Remington Gill would finish second, while Connor Meade would nip Jake Henry for third, with Dion Benningfield completing the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Gary Yeager, Matthew Smith, Timmy Taylor, Clayton Turner, and Austin Taylor.  Eighteen entries would see Remington Gill be top qualifier at 14.749 seconds, while heat victories fell to Lee and Yeager. 

Dustin Linville would lead the first seven circuits of the Modified feature event before Victor Lee would drive past him on lap 8 and proceed to cruise away from the field to pick up $800 victory for the evening in the Kerry Trowbridge owned Tri-County Auto and Oil/Brunner and Son Lawn Maintenance/Dexter’s Gun and Ammo/Automotive Specialists sponsored #16 MBR Chassis sporting a Pro Power Race Engine.  Linville would take runner-up honors, while David Webb would claim the third position.  Sam Murphy, Jr. would edge Dennis Roberson to round out the top five.  Completing the top ten finishers were Brent Denny, John Jackson, Keith Decker, Joseph Husband, and Tim Patrick.  Seventeen entries would see Lee as top qualifier at 15.362 seconds and win a heat, while Linville won the other heat. 

Eddie Stewart would take the lead at the drop of the green flag in the KDRA Super Stock feature contest and never look back and score the $750 victory aboard the WeGo the Dog sponsored #119 entry.  Jeremie Bretz would finish a close second, holding off the late charges of Brandon Hutchinson, who finished third.  A.J. Clark would claim fourth, while Greg Hensley completed the top five.  Rounding out the top ten finishers were Terry Cheeks, Casey King, Scott Hensley, Dan Dunbar, and Troy Clark.  Thirteen entries would see Stewart post quick time at 16.270 seconds and win a heat, while Bretz scored the other heat win.

Dylan Stevens would claim top honors in the Stock Four Cylinder division and score the $400 payday in the Eagle Finance/Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival sponsored #7x Ford Mustang mount.  Jeremie Bretz, Shane Irvin, Rodney Burton, and Keith Gipson completed the top five.  Seven entries would see Bretz and top qualifier at 19.096 seconds, while Stevens won the heat. 

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY- September 2, 2016 (

Super Late Models (9 entries)
Top Qualifier- Michael Chilton 14.107
Heat- Michael Chilton, Justin Rattliff, Kirk Phillips, Jeff Rawlings, Brian Smith, Donnie Sullivan, Buzz Williams, Joey Rigdon (DNS- Tim Tungate)
Feature- Michael Chilton, Justin Rattliff, Brian Smith, Donnie Sullivan, Jeff Rawlings, Kirk Phillips, Buzz Williams, Joey Rigdon, Tim Tungate

Pro Late Models (18 entries)
Top Qualifier- Remington Gill 14.749
1st Heat- Victor Lee, Remington Gill, Connor Meade, Clayton Turner, Brian Walters, Elliott Despain, Matthew Smith, Wesley Brummett, Perry Barnhardt 2nd Heat- Gary Yeager, Zane Powell, Justin Shaw, Jake Henry, Steven Eversole, Dion Benningfield, Timmy Taylor, Austin Taylor, Brian Royalty
Feature- Victor Lee, Remington Gill, Connor Meade, Jake Henry, Dion Benningfield, Gary Yeager, Matthew Smith, Timmy Taylor, Clayton Turner, Austin Taylor, Elliott Despain, Steven Eversole, Brian Royalty, Wesley Brummett, Brian Walters, Zane Powell, Justin Shaw, Perry Barnhardt

Modifieds (17 entries)
Top Qualifier- Victor Lee 15.362
1st Heat- Victor Lee, J.T. Ayers, Sam Murphy, Jr., Bryson Clark, Clay Reece, Joseph Husband, Tim Patrick, Gerald Haynes, Jr., Cecil West 2nd Heat- Dustin Linville, David Webb, Dennis Roberson, Brent Denny, Keith Decker, Corey Denny, John Jackson, Keith Denney
Feature- Victor Lee, Dustin Linville, David Webb, Sam Murphy, Jr., Dennis Roberson, Brent Denny, John Jackson, Keith Decker, Joseph Husband, Tim Patrick, J.T. Ayers, Bryson Clark, Clay Reece, Corey Denny, Gerald Haynes, Jr. (DNS- Keith Denney, Cecil West)


KDRA Super Stocks (13 entries)
Top Qualifier- Eddie Stewart, 16.270
1st Heat- Eddie Stewart, Troy Clark, Greg Hensley, Terry Cheeks, Dan Dunbar, A.J. Clark (DNS- Kenny Hensley) 2nd Heat- Jeremie Bretz, Brandon Hutchinson, Scott Hensley, Casey King, Mike Lunsford, Billy Hagan
Feature- Eddie Stewart, Jeremie Bretz, Brandon Hutchinson, A.J. Clark, Greg Hensley, Terry Cheeks, Casey King, Scott Hensley, Dan Dunbar, Troy Clark, Billy Hagan, Mike Lunsford (DNS- Kenny Hensley)

Stock Four Cylinders (7 entries)
Top Qualifier- Jeremie Bretz 19.096
Heat- Dylan Stevens, Dave McCarty, Shane Irvin, Charles Burton, Rodney Burton, Jeremie Bretz, Keith Gipson

Feature- Dylan Stevens, Jeremie Bretz, Shane Irvin, Rodney Burton, Keith Gipson, Charles Burton (DNS- Dave McCarty)