Lee, Ayers, Adams, Irvin, Rutherford “Saturday Night Special” Season Opener Winners at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (April 8, 2017) Ponderosa Speedway kicked off the 2017 racing season with a “Saturday Night Special” event and feature event winners included Victor Lee of Danville, KY in Pro (Crate) Late Models, J.T. Ayers of New Haven, KY in Open Wheel Modifieds, Jamey Adams of Laurelville, OH in KDRA Super Stocks, Shane Irvin of Liberty, KY in Stock Four Cylinders, and Dylan Rutherford in Mini-Cup/Cyclones.

Todd Coffman and Victor Lee would battle throughout the entire distance of the 20 lap Pro (Crate) Late Model main event, but when the checkered flag waved, Lee would come out on top of the heap and score the victory.  Coffman would settle for second, with Connor Meade claiming the third position.  Jake Henry and Gary Yeager would complete the top five.  The remainder of the top ten finishers would be Derek Bottoms, Dylan Norman, Brad Kemp, Wesley Brummett, and Timmy Taylor.  Lee would be the top qualifier among 16 entries at 13.655 seconds, while heat race wins went to Lee and Henry.

J.T. Ayers would score the victory in the 20 lap Open Wheel Modified feature contest.  Blake Brown would take runner-up honors, with Ervin Vance finishing in the third position.  Defending track champion David Webb would finish fourth, while Jeff Watson would round out the top five.  The remainder of the finishing order would be Brad Schlosser, Zack Powers, and Tim Patrick.  Ayers would be top qualifier among nine entries at 14.694 seconds and also win the heat.

The KDRA Super Stock feature event would see Ohio native Jamey Adams visit victory lane at the conclusion of the 15 lap main event.  Eddie Stewart and James Crowe would finish in the second and third positions respectively, while Bartley Grant and Jeremie Bretz would complete the top five finishers.  The second-five finishers at the drop of the checkered flag would Tyler Collis, Robby Perkins, Jason West, Thomas Hoch, and Sarah Patrick.  Perkins would be the top qualifier among 18 entries at 15.233 seconds, while heat race victories fell to Adams, Stewart, and Grant.

The Stock Four Cylinder division raced for $600 to win and Shane Irvin would park his Ford Mustang in victory lane at the conclusion of the event.  Brian Moore would finish second, with Floyd Lowe coming home third.  Tyler Lawson and Robert Deary completed the top five finishers.  Completing the top ten were Mike Hill, Keith Gipson, Nick Royalty, Justin Johnson, and Steve Sallee.  Jeremie Bretz would be top qualifier among 17 entries at 17.650 seconds, while heat race wins went to Lowe, Irvin, and Tyler Hayes.

Dylan Rutherford would be dominant driver in the Mini-Cup/Cyclone feature contest.  Former Late Model track champion Jason Hinkle would finish second, with Riley Ritchie third, and Jason Hinkle, Jr. finishing in fourth.  Blake Brown would be the top qualifier among five entries at 19.655 seconds and also win the heat.

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-April 8, 2017

Pro (Crate) Late Models (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Victor Lee 13.655
1st Heat- Victor Lee, Todd Coffman, Brian Royalty, Timmy Taylor, Austin Taylor, Gary Noplis, Brian Wooldridge 2nd Heat- Jake Henry, Connor Meade, Dylan Norman, Brad Kemp, Sarah Patrick, Derek Bottoms, Wesley Brummett, Bobby Wolter, Jr., Gary Yeager
Feature- Victor Lee, Todd Coffman, Connor Meade, Jake Henry, Gary Yeager, Derek Bottoms, Dylan Norman, Brad Kemp, Wesley Brummett, Timmy Taylor, Sarah Patrick, Gary Noplis, Austin Taylor, Brian Wooldridge, Bobby Wolter, Jr., Brian Royalty

Open Wheel Modifieds (9 entries)
Top Qualifier- J.T. Ayers 14.694
Heat- J.T. Ayers, David Webb, Blake Brown, Ervin Vance, Jeff Watson, Tim Patrick, Brad Schlosser, Zack Powers (DNS- Mike Pratt)
Feature- J.T. Ayers, Blake Brown, Ervin Vance, David Webb, Jeff Watson, Brad Schlosser, Zack Powers, Tim Patrick (DNS- Mike Pratt)

KDRA Super Stocks (18 entries)
Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins 15.233
1st Heat- Jamey Adams, Robbie Perkins, Jeremie Bretz, Dennis Roberson, Greg Hensley, Casey King 2nd Heat- Eddie Stewart, James Crowe, Terry Cheeks, Trae Soper, Sarah Patrick, Robert Stanton 3rd Heat- Bartley Grant, Jason West, Thomas Hoch, Tyler Collis, Dean Boyd (DNS- Pherman Stewart)
Feature- Jamey Adams, Eddie Stewart, James Crowe, Bartley Grant, Jeremie Bretz, Tyler Collis, Robby Perkins, Jason West, Thomas Hoch, Sarah Patrick, Greg Hensley, Casey King, Terry Cheeks, Dean Boyd, Dennis Roberson, Robert Stanton (DNS- Trae Soper, Pherman Stewart)

Stock Four Cylinders (17 entries)
Top Qualifier- Jeremie Bretz 17.650
1st Heat- Floyd Lowe, Steve Sallee, Brady Lear, Nick Royalty, Keith Gipson, Jeremie Bretz 2nd Heat- Shane Irvin, Justin Johnson, Timothy Quiggins, Freddy Breeden, Tyler Lawson (DNS- Mike Hill) 3rd Heat- Tyler Hayes, Thomas Scenters, Brian Moore, Robert Deary, Kathy Spangler
Feature- Shane Irvin, Brian Moore, Floyd Lowe, Tyler Lawson, Robert Deary, Mike Hill, Keith Gipson, Nick Royalty, Justin Johnson, Steve Sallee, Timothy Quiggins, Brady Lear, Thomas Scenters, Tyler Hayes, Kathy Spangler, Freddy Breeden (DNS- Jeremie Bretz)


Mini-Cup/Cyclones (5 entries)
Top Qualifier- Blake Brown 19.655
Heat- Blake Brown, Dylan Rutherford, Jason Hinkle, Jason Hinkle, Jr. (DNS- Riley Ritchie)

Feature- Dylan Rutherford, Jason Hinkle, Riley Ritchie, Jason Hinkle, Jr. (DNS- Blake Brown)