Gerrald, Lee, Perkins, Bretz, and Rutherford Take Checkered Flags at Ponderosa Speedway
Junction City, KY (June 9, 2017) Ponderosa Speedway would present a full racing program as a warm-up to tomorrow’s Big Daddy Classic and feature event winners on Friday evening included Tripp Gerrald of Lexington, KY in Super Late Models, Victor Lee of Danville, KY in Pro (Crate) Late Models and in Open Wheel Modifieds, Robby Perkins of Ezel, KY in KDRA Super Stocks, Jeremie Bretz of Maysville, KY in Stock Four Cylinders, and Dylan Rutherford of Corbin, KY in Mini-Cup/Cyclones.

Tripp Gerrald would lead all twenty-five of the Super Late Model feature event and score his second consecutive victory at the track. Chris Combs would outduel Michael Chilton for the runner-up spot, with Chilton claiming a third-place finish.  The rest of the top five would see Chad Stapleton finish fourth, with John Whitney scoring a fifth-place finish.  The remainder of the finishing order would Daniel Dial, Jeff Rawlings, James Williamson, Jerry Gibson III, and Donnie Sullivan.

Victor Lee would be victorious once in the Pro (Crate) Late Model feature contest for the second consecutive week, with Hoosier state native Austin Burns finishing in the second position, while Matthew Smith would round out the podium finishers with a third-place effort.  Jake Henry and Gary Yeager would complete the top five finishers.  The remainder of the top ten would be Justin Smith, Dylan Norman, Clayton Turner, Remington Gill, and Timmy Taylor.

Victor Lee would also be the winner of the Open Wheel Modified feature contest for the second consecutive week as well.  Lee would take the top spot from Jimmy Payne around the midpoint of the twenty-lap contest and drive away to the win.  Payne would hold off the challenges of J.T. Ayers to finish second, with coming home in the third position.  Peyton Harlow and David Webb would complete the top five.  Rounding out the top ten finishers would be Mikah Reams, Blake Brown, Keith Smith, Cy Cundiff, and Dennis Roberson.

The KDRA Super Stock feature contest would be see a dandy of a finish and Robby Perkins and Eddie Stewart would battle side-by-side for the lead over the final three circuits of the fifteen-lap event, with Perkins coming out on top at the drop of the checkered flag, with Stewart finishing in second.  Jeff Johnson would score a third-place effort, with Greg Hensley and Clarence Belcher finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

The Stock Four Cylinder main event would see Kyle Willoughby, Brandon Creech, and Jeremie Bretz contest the top spot for the majority of the twelve-lap event, with Willoughby leading until turn three on the final lap when Bretz would use a lapped car for a pick and beat Willoughby back to the finish line to claim the win.  Willoughby would finish second, with Creech claiming third.  Shane Irvin and Matthew Craddock would round out the top five finishers.  Completing the top ten would be Tyler Phipps, Brian Moore, Dale Brummett, Ashley Logan, and Jeremy Elliott.

Dylan Rutherford and Blake Brown would swap the lead on four occasions in the Mini-Cup/Cyclone feature event before Rutherford would make the winning pass and claim the win, with Brown settling for the second position.  Jason Hinkle and Jason Hinkle, Jr. completed the running order.

Racing action continues at Ponderosa Speedway on Saturday June 10 as the 2nd Annual Big Daddy Classic will take place featuring the Schaeffer Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series racing for $3,088 to win and the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series racing for $1,288 to win.  Also in competition will be the Pro (Crate) Late Models racing for $1,288 to win, KDRA Super Stocks racing for $688 to win, Stock Four Cylinders racing for $388 to win, and Mini-Cup/Cyclones racing for $188 to win.  For more information, visit the track website at

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-June 9, 2017

Super Late Models (10 entries)
Top Qualifier- Tripp Gerrald 12.804
1st Heat- Tripp Gerrald, Michael Chilton, John Whitney, Jeff Rawlings, Donnie Sullivan
2nd Heat- Chris Combs, Chad Stapleton, Daniel Dial, James Williamson, Jerry Gibson III
Feature- Tripp Gerrald, Chris Combs, Michael Chilton, Chad Stapleton, John Whitney, Daniel Dial, Jeff Rawlings, James Williamson, Jerry Gibson III, Donnie Sullivan

Pro (Crate) Late Models (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Victor Lee 13.609
1st Heat- Victor Lee, Matthew Smith, Austin Burns, Justin Smith, Remington Gill, Derek Bottoms, Timmy Taylor, Austin Taylor
2nd Heat- Zane Powell, Jake Henry, Gary Yeager, Clayton Turner, Dylan Norman, Brad Kemp, Brian Derringer (DNS-Jeff Watson)
Feature- Victor Lee, Austin Burns, Matthew Smith, Jake Henry, Gary Yeager, Justin Smith, Dylan Norman, Clayton Turner, Remington Gill, Timmy Taylor, Derek Bottoms, Austin Taylor, Jeff Watson, Zane Powell, Brad Kemp (DNS-Brian Derringer)

Open Wheel Modifieds (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Victor Lee 14.630
1st Heat- Victor Lee, J.T. Ayers, Peyton Harlow, Blake Brown, Mikah Reams, Tim Patrick, Ricky Arms, Wayne Helton
2nd Heat- Jimmy Payne, Keith Smith, David Webb, Cy Cundiff, Dennis Roberson, Keith Decker, Chris Kirk (DNS-Tim Bell)
Feature- Victor Lee, Jimmy Payne, J.T. Ayers, Peyton Harlow, David Webb, Mikah Reams, Blake Brown, Keith Smith, Cy Cundiff, Dennis Roberson, Keith Decker, Wayne Helton, Tim Bell, Chris Kirk, Tim Patrick (DNS-Ricky Arms)

KDRA Super Stocks (11 entries)
1st Heat- Robby Perkins, Clarence Belcher, Jeff Johnson, Eddie Stewart, Greg Hensley
2nd Heat- Bartley Grant, Casey King, David Murphy, Sarah Patrick, Scott Hensley, Randy Jones
Feature- Robby Perkins, Eddie Stewart, Jeff Johnson, Greg Hensley, Clarence Belcher, Casey King, Sarah Patrick, Bartley Grant, David Murphy (DNS-Scott Hensley, Randy Jones)

Stock Four Cylinders (16 entries)
1st Heat- Kyle Willoughby, Matthew Craddock, Tyler Phipps, Dale Brummett, Jimmy Elliott, Randy Sturgeon, Dalton Cox (DNS-James Nallia)
2nd Heat- Brandon Creech, Danny Winchester, Jeremie Bretz, Shane Irvin, Ashley Logan, Brian Moore, Mike Hilll, Keith Gipson
Feature- Jeremie Bretz, Kyle Willoughby, Brandon Creech, Shane Irvin, Matthew Craddock, Tyler Phipps, Brian Moore, Dale Brummett, Ashley Logan, Jimmy Elliott, Danny Winchester, Randy Sturgeon, Mike Hill, James Nallia, Keith Gipson (DNS-Dalton Cox)

Mini-Cup/Cyclones (4 entries)
Heat- Dylan Rutherford, Blake Brown, Jason Hinkle, Jason Hinkle, Jr.
Feature- Dylan Rutherford, Blake Brown, Jason Hinkle, Jason Hinkle, Jr.